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My work is defined by the people I have had the privilege to collaborate with. 


Ben's ability to connect different people with a common vision was central to my work of creating the Centre of Resilience. For Ben, his work is his worship. He pursues it until the job is finished. He's someone who lives his work and life with a way of nonviolence and commitment that spreads to any team we work with.

Prashant Kumar

Social Artist, Founding Director:

Centre of Resilience

Our sessions with Ben were a catalyst in helping us move forward from the block that we were facing at that time, and to restrategize effectively. Before we would often find ourselves all over the place with our goals, but now our focus is a lot more clear and we are able to prioritize what comes on our plate. This has boosted our confidence in our work and in our objectives and we have got greater motivation to increase the magnitude of our work. Ben helped us to get a better understanding of where our personal goals are aligned with the organisational goals. It was an 'Aha!' moment for us to realize that we have so much more than we think.

Urishna Shakya

Programs Director: Canopy NEPAL

Beinn Raoite is unfailingly motivated, passionate, dedicated and truly versatile. I dedicate myself to the work of reviving the language and culture of the Gael as a way of decolonizing the Scottish people. During the initial planning stages of a Centre for Indigenous Practices here in Argyll, Scotland, Ben's lateral thinking and problem-solving abilities have proven both crucial and inspiring as he brought key players together, facilitated mind-mapping, visioning and motivational activities allowing us to develop the idea beyond the confines of our own heads, and progress through barriers that had held us back. Now that Ben seeks to be of service in the land of his birth, his experience with us in the land of his heritage will only strengthen his toolkit in whatever work he involves himself with.

Àdhamh Ó Broin

Scottish Gaelic Revivalist

Benjamin es un hombre con una gran fuerza de voluntad, excelente comunicador que sabe conectar con las partes más sensibles de la gente pero sobre todo muy enfocado y claro para localizar objetivos y medios de acción para conseguirlos. 

Compartir con Benjamin mi trabajo de conocimientos antiguos a sido como un refrescar en mi espíritu de lucha por una mejor y más justa humanidad, que por momentos perdía de vista lo importante que es. El escuchar el ímpetu que tiene el verlo trabajar tan fuertemente por hacerlo llegar a más personas y el mirar el amor y la convicción con la que se entrega a los proyectos fue para mi conmovedor y reconfortante además de recordarme que sigo en la lucha y que desde cada trinchera se hace lo propio así que también es como un multivitamínico para el espíritu. Es un luchador social activista necesario para impulsar los cambios sociales que requiere la humanidad.
Benjamin is a man with great willpower, an excellent communicator who knows how to connect with the most sensitive parts of people but above all, he is very focused and clear in identifying objectives and the means of action to accomplish them. 

Sharing with Benjamin my work of ancient knowledge has refreshed my spirit in the struggle for a better and more just humanity, the importance of which I have, at times, lost sight. To see the impetus he has, to see him work so hard to bring my teachings to more people, and to see the love and conviction with which Benjamin engages in projects has both moved me and comforted me, as well as reminding me to continue in the struggle. He is a multivitamin for the spirit, and a social activist necessary in bringing about the social changes that humanity requires.

Alma Martinez Santiago 

Healer, Psychologist, Nahuatl Knowledge Holder

When l was a student at United World College (UWC) Mahindra College in India, Ben served as a great mentor for me in my activism on and off campus. He gave me great support and equipped me with the skills I needed in understanding power structures and how to work towards real change in systemic racial oppression.

Rudo Ellen Kazembe 
Zimbabwe / USA

Writer & Editor: Black Rap Magazine: "Afrikan students for Afrikan liberation". Lakeforest College, USA.

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