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I work  with individuals, communities, organisations and institutions to build our collective capacity for regeneration, on all levels.

While my work continues to evolve, I currently do this through three main areas...








Fees are worked out on a needs-and-ability basis, and depend on the depth and breadth of the work.


Empowering Individual Change Makers

Who: Individuals, youth, community leaders, community groups, healers, activists, organisers.


  • One-on-one sessions: mindfulness, wellbeing, life-purpose; effective techniques for work; developing a decolonised personal daily practice.

  • Trainings: Effective communication, tools for engaging interpersonal conflict.

  • Gendered work: one-on-one with men to explore, engage and work to transform patriarchal patterns and behaviour.

  • Reiki healing-touch treatment: 2nd Degree Certification.


Previous work in this area:​

  • Founding Director of Mindfulness 1:1 sessions with students and faculty of Mahindra United World College ( India.

  • Facilitating men’s circles to share experiences of patriarchy and explore and dismantle roots of gendered violence. México.

  • Trainings with Northern Corridor Community Volunteers Core Team: personal limitations, strengths. UK.


Capacity building for Resilient Communities

Who: Community organisations, NGOs, collectives, activist groups, student groups.


  • Train-the-Trainer programs for: program coordinators, teachers, facilitators, interpreters & translators, empathic listeners.

  • Multi-stakeholder Needs & Resource Mapping session for intersecting regional initiatives.

  • Organisational framework training: clarifying Purpose, Mission, Means, Programs.

  • Creating core content for outreach, networking, and launching your work.

  • Guided evaluation and reflection sessions on your team's strengths, limitations, history, and harvesting tools and strengths to move forward.


Previous Work in this area:

  • Maya Universe Academy: Train-the-Trainer program for teaching team in service-learning and project-based learning. Nepal.

  • Creation of Next Step training program with Mosaik Support Centre for Refugees and People on the Move. Greece.

  • Work with Artist Union of Kyrgyz Republic to connect and collaborate with Kyrgyz youth and thus preserve traditional, Indigenous culture, art, language and identity. Kyrgyzstan.


Transforming institutions for effective, liberating work

Who: Institutions of education, alternative education, social service providers, organisations.


  • Restructuring a company/organisation’s systems of decision-making, from hierarchical to collective; centralised to shared.

  • Identifying ineffective, oppressive, sexist, racist* policies, operations and systems within an organisation/institution, and co-creating liberated, inclusive, effective alternatives.  *Co-provided with BIPOC specialist in the field.

  • Shifting learning pedagogies to learner-centric, effective forms of learning.

  • Aligning institutional purpose with BIPOC struggles for justice and sovereignty.  *Co-provided with BIPOC specialist in the field.


Previous Work in this area:

  • CanopyNepal: train-the-trainer program with lead teachers to adopt leading project-based learning pedagogical frameworks. Nepal.

  • Development of UWC MC Wellbeing Program: as means of re-centring UWC MC’s students, faculty and admin to their organisational vision and mission. India.

  • Developing centre of Gaelic culture in Scotland; combatting Anglo-Americanisation of Gaelic culture. Scotland.

  • Conceptualisation and launch of Centre of Resilience. India.

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