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I believe that locally enacted, globally connected, community-led direct action is a powerful means of regeneration: socially, ecologically and politically.

Since 2012 I have been working to build the capacities of individuals, communities and organisations who are working towards social, cultural and ecological regeneration, wellbeing and justice. While my work is primarily with on-the-ground communities, I also train NGOs working in solidarity with such communities, and coordinate international collaboration between organisations and communities working towards intersecting ends.

In recent years I have worked in the Americas, South Asia, Central Asia, the Mediterranean, Western Europe and the UK, strengthening efforts of local communities and connecting these grassroots networks across borders.

​This website is a way to share the work and services I can offer: both for paying clients and for projects in solidarity with on-the-ground communities. My paid work allows me to continue my unpaid work. ​

I believe that our social, political, economic and spiritual flourishing must be a collective process. I identify with my mixed heritage of colonised Scottish peoples, as well as their English colonisers, and I live as a settler on unceded Indigenous lands on Turtle Island. My work with communities here and overseas is a central part of my own process of liberation and flourishing.

Please explore this site, the stories it contains and don't hesitate to get in touch to connect directly.

With warmth and movement,

-Ben Reid Howells - Beinn Raoite - Rust Coloured Mountain (Gaelic)

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